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Meet Our Team


Simona D. Ovanezian

President and Chief Executive Officer

Susan Chaberski

Vice President/Chief Financial Officer

Joselyn Estevez-Vargas

Vice-President, Early Childhood Programs

Jessica Palencia

Vice-President, Human Resources

Christopher Garcia

Director, Facilities and Special Projects

Lori Reisz

Director, Parent, Family and Community Engagement (PFCE) Services

Evelyn Mercado

Director, Community Programs

Carmela Roman

Director, Human Resources

Barbara Panas

Director, Early Childhood Education

Yvette Ypelaar

Director, Early Childhood Health Services

Lara DeSoto

Assistant Director

Barbara Reyes

Manager, Community Programs

Ismael Acosta

Manager, Information Technology

Theresa Taylor

Manager, Finance

Thomas Melendez

Manager, Operations

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